Cannabis Cartons

Pre-Roll 3-Pack Cartons

Your customers love prerolls.  They’re like a throwback to the homegrown, hand-rolling days where you sat with your friends and passed the joint around. But your prerolls take it up a notch.  They’re nice and fat, they don’t fall apart, and they’re packed with goodness (no stems here!).

To preserve all this goodness, you need to keep the prerolls fresh from the time they’re rolled to the time they’re smoked.  Joints in particular are at risk of getting dried out if they sit in their packaging too long.  And some prerolls have even earned a bad rap for this loss of quality compared to edibles or nugs stored in jars.

The great thing about Safer Packaging cartons for prerolls is that the tray inserts are designed to be liddable. So you’re able to blister seal the package for air-tight freshness and a longer shelf life.

The other great thing is that we can make custom printed, branded opaque or clear lidding film to seal over your pre-rolls. You can get your branding on there or a fun message for your customers.

Ask us about a table-top sealing machine for your operation!

These trays are also designed with cavities to protect each of your prerolls, ensuring they won’t fall apart before they get to your customer.  So the 3-Pack Preroll Carton has 3 of these cavities that perfectly fit your product.

We love the carton option for your prerolls as well because it gives you a great billboard-style marketing space to show off your awesome branding and to stand out among your competition. And these are stock cartons so we’ve got them in-stock and ready -to-print.

Send us an email today to ask about our 3-pack preroll carton and inserts. As always, our cartons are certified child resistant and printed in-house with cool options and the best quality control measures.

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