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Minimum Order Quantities

Stock Boxes – 10,000

Cartons w/ Custom Options – 20,000

Custom Formed Trays – 30,000

Lead Times

The lead time for stock box orders is roughly 2-4 weeks.

The lead time for custom projects is roughly 8-12 weeks.


Our terms require a 60% deposit with the balance to be paid prior to release of shipment.

Child Safety Certifications

US16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317

Tested by by the ISO 17025 certified testing facilities of BVI in Belgium. Learn More.

Custom Formed Tray Ordering Process

Step 1 – Design & Engineering

After product specifications and requirements have been made available by the Buyer, Locked4Kids will design the L4K-Carton and L4K-Tray in accordance with CRSF certification requirements. Preliminary drawings of L4K-Carton die-lines and a drawing of the L4K-Tray will be provided to the Buyer for approval.

Lead time shall be approximately 2 weeks.

In case the Buyer wishes to change the drawings, step 1 will be repeated using the new input of the customer. The price indicated on our quote form is the price per set of drawings.

Step 2 – Prototyping

Upon receipt of written approval of the preliminary drawings from the Buyer, 10 prototypes will be produced of both the L4K-Carton and L4K-Tray. These prototypes will be provided to the Buyer for approval (5 prototypes to be signed and returned).

Lead time shall be approximately 1 week.

In case the Buyer wishes to change the prototypes, Steps 1 and 2 will be repeated using the new input of the customer. The price indicated on our quote form is the price per set of prototypes.

Step 3 – Final Approval

Upon receipt of the approved L4K-Prototypes from the Buyer, the drawings for L4K-Carton and L4K-Tray will be finalized by Locked4Kids and thereafter made available to the Buyer, including material specifications and tolerances.

The die-line drawing for the L4K-Carton can be used for preparing the artwork as well as for the production of the die-cutting tooling. The 3d file of the L4K-Tray is available upon request and can be used as starting point for the manufacturing of the production mold.

Lead time shall be approximately 1 week.

Step 4 – Production

Upon final approval, we’re ready to send your custom trays to production. Details coming soon regarding the production process and timeline.

Printing Capabilities

Please note all of our cartons are printed on a 20pt SBS paperboard laminated to a 3mil PE film for maximum tear-proof and child-resistant material.


  • Conventional print – 6 color + Aqueous Coating (available in Satin or Gloss)
  • UV print technology – 7 color + UV Coating (available in matte or high gloss)
  • Metallic Inks
  • Gang printing multiple SKU’s

Die Cutting

  • Special cuts or shapes
  • Emboss
  • Deboss


  • Foil Stamping

Stock Box Package

Minimum Order

The minimum order quantity is 10,000 sets.


Stock program options are sold as a set which includes your custom printed folding carton and its corresponding inner tray. You may choose from our L4K Small, L4K Pocket, L4K Medium, or L4K Chocolate Bar sets.


Inks will print 4 color process + aqueous gloss or satin coating.

Lead Time

Your printed cartons and trays will be ready to ship 2 weeks from proof approval and receipt of deposit. Please note this does not include transit time.


You will need to seal your box with a CR label. Atlantic offers clear CR labels for $.01/ea or click here to see our label printer that can print your required batch information and also seal the bottom of the box.


Pricing is based on 1 SKU. If you want to order more than 1 SKU, you must order equal quantities of each SKU, otherwise an upcharge of $250/SKU will apply.

Custom Options

If you are interested in more custom cartons utilizing Pantone inks, metallic inks, UV inks and coatings, embossing or debossing, foil stamping, etc., the minimum order quantity is 20,000 sets.

Custom Trays

If one of our stock box offerings do not fit your product line, we can always customize the inner tray to fit your exact needs. There is a 30,000 set MOQ for customization.